Another Awesome Wine App

Need another Wine Application? Well here you go!

We have talked before about some great wine applications and here is a new one that we found to be helpful.

It is always so hard to pair a nice bottle of wine with the perfect cheese. The 2 go so well together if paired correctly. In fact, a perfect pairing enhances the flavor of both the wine and the cheese. This is what you are looking for.

However, not everyone is skilled in this area. Well now there is help. Specifically, there’s an app for that!

That’s right, an application the will pair the perfect cheese for you bottle of wine. Think of how you will look at parties if you show up with a nice bottle and the perfect cheese to match!

For example, if I am serving Aged Gouda the app tells me that a Cabernet Sauvignon goes well and brings out the nutty and salty flavors of the cheese.

If I have Parmesan, it tells me to try a Malbec because both the wine and cheese are bold. However, if I prefer white wine, then a Prosecco is best (so the bubbles waken up the palate and can cut through any salty flavors from the cheese.

The app is simple to use and has a nice variety of cheeses.

Vinepair has a whole host of wine apps from how to calculate how much wine you will need for your party to wine quizzes. And now they have a Wine and Cheese Pairing App.

You can either enter the cheese you are serving or would like to serve and the app will give you what wine is best for that cheese. Or you can enter in the kind of wine you are drinking and it brings back a perfect cheese pairing.

They have a website with a ton of great information. You can check it out at


Selecting a Perfect Red Wine

Red wines can be complicated. There are quite a few to pick from and their taste is quite different.

Here is a brief guide to help you out when trying to make a selection.

It is good to start out knowing what you like, but even if you don’t that’s okay.

If you like dry wines, then try these:

Cabernet Sauvignon – This is a very popular red wine (dry). It is a full bodied wine so know what you are getting into. You are going to have some flavors. It is a dark wine too. That might sound strange if you think all red wines are the same ‘red’. They are not. Some are lighter than others. The Cab is a dark one. If you want to enjoy lots of interesting flavors in your wine then this is a good bet.

Another dry wine is Syrah. This wine is also dark and it is even darker than the Cabernet Sauvignon. Some nice flavors you can get from a Syrah include cherry, blackberry, plum, pepper, coffee and licorice. These are just a few though. This is also a complex wine and you are bound to find many flavors and aromas.

On the light side of things – you might like a Pinot Noir. This is probably the lightest red. It is light bodied and light in color. A lot of people say it is fruity in flavor. These wines are very tasty and refreshing.

Finally you have a Merlot. This is a pretty well know grape and wine. It is light too, but maybe not as light as the Pinot Noir. It is considered a dry wine, but the flavor is light. The nice thing about the Merlot is that it will generally go well with any meal.

There are tons more wines out there to consider. I will do a post on some of the others too.

3 Ways To Chill Wine

That is 3 ways to chill wine that you want to drink, but is at room temperature.

One way is the old wrap some papertowels around the wine bottle and stick it in the freezer. The certainly works and can drop the temperature within 15 minutes. There are however classier ways to get your wine temp down to where you want it.

One of the classier ways is to put some frozen grapes in it. Of course you have to have frozen grapes in your freezer (which I incidentally do). Lots of people grab for the ice to cool down their wine, but this ruins the flavor of the wine. But a grape that is frozen wine coolerscan act like a little ice cube that doesn’t melt, but just chills. After a bit, you will have chilled wine and then you can just remove the grapes!

The other, slightly classier way to cool down your wine is to put it in a wine bucket with some ice water. You will look fancy with a wine bucket and you can keep your wine out and in the chilled water so it maintains a good drinking temperature.

All of these methods should only take 15 minutes or so and then you will have your wine ready for you.


What Shape Is Your Wine Glass?

Are you aware of the fact that the form and shape of your wine glass will have an effect on exactly how much wine you get in that glass as well as just how much of that wine you drink?

We might think that everyone should pour wine the same. But this is simply not true. It is also not true that if you have a different style of wine glass that you will get the same amount as your neighbor.

Studies have recently shown researchers that the style and shape of a wine glass impacts just how much wine we place in it. One example is, wide glasses get additional pouring than narrow glasses.

Not just that, you will drink significantly less wine if you drink out of a narrow glass because you are under the guise that you are receiving glass

The problem seems to be with our assessment of volume. That is, when we see how much a glass is filled, we don’t necessarily take into account that it might be wider. It seems as though our subconscious can’t differentiate the two.

This is assumed to be why people are likely to drink much less when they drink from a glass that is more narrow, as they assume they are getting more than they actually are.

It also seems that holding your glass when someone is pouring your wine will get you more wine. Again, people have a hard time with volume judging and holding the glass in a different position throws people off.

Now you have some tips on getting more wine in your glass!