Is Your Wine Bad?

No one wants to sit down to a nice glass of wine only to find out that it has gone bad. The taste is quite bad and can linger in your mouth. Sometimes however it is hard to tell if a wine has gone bad. Well here are some clues for you to look out for.

Check out the color of the wine. Either red or white, if the wine seems to be a darker shade than it should be then it might be bad. For example, a wine gone badred wine that seems to be more brownish in color than red may just have turned bad. Also a  white wine that is more yellowed or browned in color may also be bad.

Another sign is the cork coming out of the bottle. If you notice the wine cork is starting to come out of the bottle, then it is likely bad. The elements inside are pushing on the cork and this is a sign that what is inside is no good.

The smell of the wine is obvious, but sometimes wine can smell funny yet it is perfectly good. Here are some smells to watch out for. Does it smell like vinegar? Wine will eventually turn into a form of vinegar and this is when it has gone bad. Does it have a musty smell? Or does it smell like wet cardboard? If so, it very well may be bad.

Finally we have the taste of the wine. We generally don’t want to get to this point, but sometimes it is the only way to tell. If you wine tastes sour, it is bad. If it has a fizz, then it is bad.

When a wine had gone bad, there is nothing you can do about it. It is simply not drinkable. And this is surely a shame. I once transported wine across the country for a move. The truck that had my belongings (and my wine) sat for days in the hot sun. I feared my wine surely went bad. Ready to drink some, I opened bad bottle after bad bottle. A very sad occasion, but the wine was not at all drinkable.

This of course begs the question, what can be done to properly preserve wine. The best option for long-term storage is of course a wine cellar. Here the wine will stay at appropriately cool temperatures with controlled humidity. This is not always an option for a lot of people. Just make sure that you keep it in a dark, cool environment and always on its side (so that the wine has contact with the cork).

A wine cooler is of course a perfect storage option. You can find wine coolers in many shapes and sizes. Some can hold over 100 bottles and some can fit on your countertop (countertop wine coolers) and store just a few bottles at perfect drinking temperature. You can find many affordable wine coolers out there today.

What tends to ruin wine is harsh/ hot temperatures and harsh light. Keep these things in mind and you will be better able to protect your investment.


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