Selecting a Perfect Red Wine

Red wines can be complicated. There are quite a few to pick from and their taste is quite different.

Here is a brief guide to help you out when trying to make a selection.

It is good to start out knowing what you like, but even if you don’t that’s okay.

If you like dry wines, then try these:

Cabernet Sauvignon – This is a very popular red wine (dry). It is a full bodied wine so know what you are getting into. You are going to have some flavors. It is a dark wine too. That might sound strange if you think all red wines are the same ‘red’. They are not. Some are lighter than others. The Cab is a dark one. If you want to enjoy lots of interesting flavors in your wine then this is a good bet.

Another dry wine is Syrah. This wine is also dark and it is even darker than the Cabernet Sauvignon. Some nice flavors you can get from a Syrah include cherry, blackberry, plum, pepper, coffee and licorice. These are just a few though. This is also a complex wine and you are bound to find many flavors and aromas.

On the light side of things – you might like a Pinot Noir. This is probably the lightest red. It is light bodied and light in color. A lot of people say it is fruity in flavor. These wines are very tasty and refreshing.

Finally you have a Merlot. This is a pretty well know grape and wine. It is light too, but maybe not as light as the Pinot Noir. It is considered a dry wine, but the flavor is light. The nice thing about the Merlot is that it will generally go well with any meal.

There are tons more wines out there to consider. I will do a post on some of the others too.


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