Big Wine Drinkers

Who are the big wine drinkers?

The United States or France?

It is probably no surprise that France leads the pack as the country that produces that largest quantity of wine. (Italy and Spain are right behind them). But do they drink the most wine?

The answer is, yes. They do drink the most wine. But there are some interesting things to note about where the US stands in relation to them.

Last year (in 2013) the US actually purchased more wine than any other country. This was a first. It appears that the French are slowing down on their wine purchasing (while America speeds up).

So what is going on?

Is the US becoming a nation of alcoholics? Not necessarily. It really is just in the past several years that the US has not only had more access to better wine (no doubt from Europe), but has also acquired quite a taste for it. This could very well account for the increase in wine purchasing.

No need to worry about a nation of alcoholics just yet.




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