3 Ways To Chill Wine

That is 3 ways to chill wine that you want to drink, but is at room temperature.

One way is the old wrap some papertowels around the wine bottle and stick it in the freezer. The certainly works and can drop the temperature within 15 minutes. There are however classier ways to get your wine temp down to where you want it.

One of the classier ways is to put some frozen grapes in it. Of course you have to have frozen grapes in your freezer (which I incidentally do). Lots of people grab for the ice to cool down their wine, but this ruins the flavor of the wine. But a grape that is frozen wine coolerscan act like a little ice cube that doesn’t melt, but just chills. After a bit, you will have chilled wine and then you can just remove the grapes!

The other, slightly classier way to cool down your wine is to put it in a wine bucket with some ice water. You will look fancy with a wine bucket and you can keep your wine out and in the chilled water so it maintains a good drinking temperature.

All of these methods should only take 15 minutes or so and then you will have your wine ready for you.



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