Wine Applications For Your Smart Phone

There are so many great wine applications to help you with wine selection and also remembering what you thought of a certain wine. Here are a few great apps:

  • Wine Ratingsentertaining with wine
  • Vintage Chart
  • Guide to Napa Valley
  • Vivino
  • Hello Vino
  • Delectable

My favorite however, is Delectable (only iOS application right now).

What it does is let you share your wine recommendations and come across new wines from other users. Here is what you do. Take a image of the wine you could be considering trying. The application software in the app will determine the wine and connect you to opinions about the wine so that you could produce a determination as to whether or not you wish to acquire it.

You will also be able to buy it right from the application if you like.

Leaving your own review of a wine is helpful to other users. You follow the same procedure as above, but simply leave your comments about the wine (and read how others feel about it too). Your assessment will then be offered to other users from the app.

What I like more about this application over some of the others is the fact that they offer opinions from experts in the wine industry. This is valuable to me as a user. A lot of people don’t necessarily have a taste for wine, but certain people who are trained in this area are much more qualified to leave a review.

Lots of these apps are valuable in different ways, but if you are looking to only use one, then give this one a try.



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