What Shape Is Your Wine Glass?

Are you aware of the fact that the form and shape of your wine glass will have an effect on exactly how much wine you get in that glass as well as just how much of that wine you drink?

We might think that everyone should pour wine the same. But this is simply not true. It is also not true that if you have a different style of wine glass that you will get the same amount as your neighbor.

Studies have recently shown researchers that the style and shape of a wine glass impacts just how much wine we place in it. One example is, wide glasses get additional pouring than narrow glasses.

Not just that, you will drink significantly less wine if you drink out of a narrow glass because you are under the guise that you are receiving more.wine glass

The problem seems to be with our assessment of volume. That is, when we see how much a glass is filled, we don’t necessarily take into account that it might be wider. It seems as though our subconscious can’t differentiate the two.

This is assumed to be why people are likely to drink much less when they drink from a glass that is more narrow, as they assume they are getting more than they actually are.

It also seems that holding your glass when someone is pouring your wine will get you more wine. Again, people have a hard time with volume judging and holding the glass in a different position throws people off.

Now you have some tips on getting more wine in your glass!


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